Miss XI – The Wimpiest Wrestler [Fantasy Wrestling, leg]

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I find My house slave wearing the most ridiculous mask – some kind of wrestling action hero mask – and it looks totally ridiculous! He tells Me that he’s been trying out wrestling; and won! (Against other subs) How on earth could a wimpy little thing like HIM hope to wrestle, though, really!? After I have My laugh I challenge him to come over. He may win against other subs, but he’s going to lose against ME.
I easily punch, knee and kick him into submission. It doesn’t take much because he’s such a wimp. Plus, a good ball-smack stuns any man for a minute! Once I wrestle him down to the ground I squeeze the air out of him relentlessly with My strong thighs, wrapping them around his neck and torso in various positions. When he’s all weak from losing air, I take advantage to of his state to tie him up and TRAMPLE the sore loser. Between all of My stomps, I realize that My feet are dirty!!! I chastise the pathetic little thing for not doing his one and only job – scrubbing the floors!
Since he didn’t scrub My floors, I him to clean the floor from My feet. If it isn’t good enough, I’ll choke him out with My thighs again…or sit on his face…Hahaha!
Worship your Princess.
Genres: ballbusting, beatdown, BELLY PUNCHING, Fantasy Wrestling, feet, fight, foot worship, HUMILIATION, leg, Miss XI, muscle, overpower, SCISSORHOLD, scissors, strength, sucking, toe, trampling, weak, wimpy, WORSHIP, wrestle
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