Mistress Aleana’s Queendom – Cruel Countess Full Body Bullwhipping [Corset, EXTREME DOMINATION]

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Dressed to the nines as a cruel Countess, I have slave bart strung up in my dungeon and I must admit that there is nothing more intoxicating than having a male slave bound and helpless ready to accept my whip and all the pain that it will bring. There will be no mercy tonight as I want to see the fear in his eyes and hear the screams from his voice as my bullwhip devours his flesh. No part of his body is spared as I use my new found “whip wrapping” technique to leave welts and cuts all over his back, ass, chest, legs, and I even whip his cock. The last few minutes of this clip I unleash a barrage of full force whip strikes that wrap around and I have spinning around trying to avoid the lethal lashes, but as he will quickly learn there is no escape from my bullwhips.
Genres: BDSM, bullwhipping, CAPE FETISH, corporal punishment, Corset, EXTREME DOMINATION, FEMALE DOMINATION, Mistress Aleana, Mistress Aleana’s Queendom, whip wrapping, whipping

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