Mistress Aleana’s Queendom – Railroad Fur Coat Bullwhipping [bullwhipping, Mistress Aleana’s Queendom]

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Walking down the railroad track in my gorgeous new fur coat, I have my cruelest whips coiled in my hand, ready to tear into some slave flesh. I show you the make shift cross I had my slave construct out of old driftwood, the one he will be lying on as I whip him to shreds. I start out with my short single tail whip, getting my arm loose and ready for the 8 foot bullwhip. The loud cracks of the whip echo in the forest, as lash after lash is left on the slave’s back. This slave knows that he will receive no mercy and he will not be released from the cross until I have fed my sadistic cravings.
Genres: BDSM, bullwhipping, corporal punishment, Mistress Aleana, Mistress Aleana’s Queendom, whipping

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