Mistress Asmondena – A Lesson With The Bullwhip [Mistress Asmondena, bullwhip]

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Today I am in a cruel mood, I feel like inflicting excruciating pain to somebody. That’s why slaves exist at all, isn’t it? My dungeon is perfectly equipped also to fulfill My most sadistic whims… I pick my most brutal bullwhip, My outfit makes Me the perfect leather Goddess. I “free” My human target from his cage, where he spent the past night. he’ll suffer for Me and he’ll love every second of it. Of course he has to worship the sublime torture tool, even though it will destroy him. he must also thank Me most humbly for the painful attention he gets by his leather Goddess. May the ordeal begin.

Genres: boot domination, bullwhip, LEATHER FETISH, Mistress Asmondena, whipping

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