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Today, I have my little piggy on his knees at the foot of my throne. He’s in heat and I think he wants to relieve himself. So I’m going to see if I can give him some incentive. However, not in the way he thinks. I warn him he must not cum unless I give him permission. I begin by ordering him to grunt for me, then place his cock on the edge of my throne. I am wearing a beautiful pair of sandles, and I’m going to use them on Mr. Piggy to trample his cock. As I press down on it he lets out a squeal, it’s going to hurt a lot more. I stamp and dig my stiletto into his knob, making sure he feels the sharpness of my steel tipped heels. I want to make him suffer more, and I have a pair of shoes with much thicker soles. I quickly change, and once again begin to trample on my piggy’s cock. I notice his cock is beginning to dribble. However, he will not be allowed the luxury of ecstasy. Only the painful pleasure of feeling the pressure of my beautiful shoes, as they crush his throbbing porker. Grunt for me Mr. Piggy, Grunt some more…
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