Mistress Lady Renee – Suspended and forced [FORCED EJACULATIONS, painful ejaculation]

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Today I have a fun, new challenge in mind for My slave. I will first lull him into a submissive state of mind by strapping him into a tight, inescapable bondage, this way I have total physical control over My property. The next step, although very simple is an extremely effective way to unnerve My slave’s feeling of comfort and force his trust in Me: I suspend him so he is not only immobilised but oh so vulnerable in all the right places, his sensitive slave nipples are now going to be the perfect attachment points for My super painful nipple forcep clamps. And his foreskin, although trying desperately to protect the sensitive horny cock head is going to be forced back after I have clamped on some extreme industrial strength clamps. After all of this torture and torment, can My slave survive the pain and have his balls forcefully emptied by his Mistress? It’s lucky that he has gravity on his side to help with the process!
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