Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Mind Fucked Into Loving Boots [Fetish Fuckery, foot worship]

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This slave boy has things that he likes & things that he doesn’t like. He thinks that he can come to a Dominatrix & just get what he wants. Wrong! I delight in pushing boundaries & making boys do what they think they don’t want to do. I have a lot of tricks to persuade men to do what I want…in this case I have him keep his eyes on a magic necklace I swing back & forth while verbally bringing him into a relaxed & suggestive state. Once ‘under’ my spell I have him do the things he swore he wouldn’t. I have him worship my boots & feet, he even gets aroused by it! It’s all a part of the brain-washing. A male’s tiny brain is no match for me. Men are so easily controlled…
Genres: boot domination, FEMDOM, Fetish Fuckery, foot fetish, foot worship, LEATHER FETISH, MESMERIZE, Mistress – T

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