Mistress Trish – All Torn Up [whipping, corporal punishment]

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“You’re looking way too unmarked,” Mistress Trish observes as she cracks her single tail whip menacingly. She strikes submale’s ass with her whip, instantly making him moan in pain, and notes, “so, we’re going to have to add some pretties.” She wastes no time marking his ass with hard strikes from her whip, hitting him hard and repeatedly. When she leans in to examine her marks Trish decides to add to the whip wounds by scratching the poor, helplessly bound, slave’s back until it looks just as bruised as his ass. She violently rakes her sharp fingernails over his flesh, opening him up, and then goes back to aggressively whipping his ass. The poor slave is in for it as Trish continues to alternate between whipping him and scratching him raw. Every iteration of whipping and scratching escalates in intensity as submale’s ass and back become increasingly torn up. At first Trish had been keeping the two types of brutal marks separate. When she decides to scratch over the whip lacerations the pain that the sub feels grows exponentially, making Trish smile with pleasure as she takes advantage of his suffering by whipping over this area. She then amplifies this cruelness by choosing one spot to focus both her razor sharp scratches and the biting sting of her whip which quickly makes the poor sub wince in agony. By the time that Trish has had her way with him submale is, quite literally, all torn up.
Genres: corporal punishment, Mistress Trish, whipping

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