Mistress Trish – Fast and Rough Beatdown [ballbusting, beating]

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As she approaches slave m Mistress Trish gives him a sense of the beatdown brutality about to be unleashed on him by menacingly punching her fist against her hand. She backs him into the corner as she unleashes a series of hard punches on his chest and stomach. Within mere seconds she punches the slave a good number of times, tenderizing his body so that she can round house kick those spots with her muscular legs a few painful times before punching him some more, slapping his face, and kicking him hard in the nuts. The blows, relentless, keep on coming as Trish alternates non-stop between punches, slaps, body kicks, and nut punts. Trish uses every part of her insanely sexy muscular body to pulverize the slave, keep him on his toes, and perpetually in pain of one variety or another. Ignoring how breathless and broken he is becoming she fucks with him however she pleases until she is satisfied. Hmmm, so good, she purrs as he doubles over in pain, and, one more ball shot. He dutifully drags himself back up and just as quickly is double over again as Trish punts him hard in the nuts.
Genres: ballbusting, BEATDOWNS, beating, face slapping, KICKING, Mistress Trish

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