Mistress Whiplash – Nikki Whiplash & Amy Hunter – Christmas Gifts [Amy Hunter, Nikki Whiplash]

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My good friend Amy Hunter, the famous Scottish Corporal Punishment expert, has joined me for some pre-Christmas drinks. We exchange gifts of CP implements – canes from me to Amy and some traditional Scotish tawses from Amy to me. It seems a pity not to try all our new toys out, and in the absence of all my other slaves, the job of ‘stuntbottom’ falls (much to her dismay) to Marilyn the sissy maid! Despite her protests that she’s been a good girl all week, Marilyn is soon enduring severe pain as we test out the new implements. We begin with the tawses, thoroughly tawsing the sissy’s hands and bottom, and then move on to the large selection of canes, working through them one at a time and alternating who does the hitting. Poor Marilyn’s bottom is left looking like a pile of corned beef by the time we are finished having our fun!

Genres: Amy Hunter, BDSM, corporal punishment, Mistress Whiplash, Nikki Whiplash, whipping

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