MMA Domination – From Jasmine Mendez with Love [breast fetish, STOCKINGS]

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Dressed in her sexy black lingerie and thigh high pantyhose, Goddess Jasmine Mendez brings some Latina swagger to her reprisal of the infamous role of Xenia Onatopp from Goldeneye. Leaping onto her unsuspecting victim, Jasmine immediately clamps on a powerful straight headscissor, and begins to interrogate her target for the secret passcode. The Amazon Jasmine uses the immense strength of her worshiped thighs to slowly squeeze the information out of her unwilling, yet easy mark. Locking her prey deep into a reverse scissorhold, Jasmine’s world renowned Latina butt fully engulfs his skull, as she begins to squeeze the final breaths from his lungs. Realizing that the moron has the audacity to lie about the passcode; Jasmine threatens him “I might as well just snap your head off”. Erotically sliding into a variety of scissorholds, Jasmine’s signature style is on full display, as she pokes at her slave’s swollen manhood and humiliates him with some tease and denial. Finally securing the elusive passcode, Jasmine still isn’t satisfied with simply getting the information she needed. As the merciless Laughing Latina takes her time to savor the execution of her hopeless prey, she continues to squeeze him with her powerful thighs until his body goes limp; as yet another Bond girl turned Executrix has completed her mission.
Genres: BDSM, BEATDOWNS, boner, booty, breast fetish, Brunette, CFNM, crush, Executrix, face sitting, FEMALE DOMINATION, FEMDOM, Fetish, HUMILIATION, james bond, Jasmine Mendez, latinass locas, long hair, MIXED WRESTLING, MMA Domination, PANTYHOSE DOMINATION, STOCKINGS

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