OublietteClip Store – Tiny Little man Brain. Starring Gynarchy Goddess [oubliette, Mistress Serena]

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As we all know Gynarchy Goddess Mistress Serena is an avid supporter of Matriarchy as the pathetic male creature has proved incapable of thinking with the brain in his head and is ruled by the pathetic little brains that hang between his legs! A healthy administration of ballbusting can be a gentile reminder of his failings, and Mistress Serena in her sexy high heels is more than happy to give a kick or two to his tiny little man brain!
Genres: ballbusting, CBT, FEMALE DOMINATION, gynarchy goddess, KICKING, Mistress Paris, Mistress Serena, oubliette, OublietteClip Store, SHOE & BOOT WORSHIP
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