[POV] Princess Piper – So You Think You’re Straight [CEI] [POV, Princess Piper]

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Then let’s see if you can pass my test. I challenge you to watch this entire clip WITHOUT 1) getting hard, 2) stroking your cock, and 3) cumming. If you get hard or jerk off while looking at big beautiful cocks, then you’ve already failed… And if you CUM to images of big dicks and gay blow jobs, then you DEFINITELY can’t be considered straight, right? But don’t be afraid… this test will be VERY simple to pass if you genuinely aren’t attracted to cocks. A truly straight man wouldn’t feel a THING looking at this. Not even a cock twitch. So if you’re a straight man, you WON’T cum on my countdown…
Genres: CEI, POV, Princess Piper

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