Reality Girls Scissors – Outdoor BBQ Beating [SCISSORHOLD, peach]

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Peach celebrates the pretty day beating her pervert Billie. The 18-year-old wunderkind with the powerfully built legs hurts her biggest fanboy in a double-heel choke as he goes purple under her. He will do anything for Peach, the confident girl who buries him in deep front headscissors on the grass — long and punishing headscissors as her developed quads flex — her soles flat with the sky as she smiles into his face and giggles at how blue he is — cranking the hold on him. A Japanese hold — A throatscissors as he keeps his eyes on the young beauty while she looks apathetically down at him in her legs. Humiliation as she walks him on a chain and orders him “Sit” He kneels and crawls after her on hands and knees. More perfect front headscissors own him into her front facesit/headscissors as she pulls up on his neck and he takes the pain. Reverse headscissors; she takes the cameragirl’s hand in a rare teaming up on a sub as she turns him colors beneath her in a double-heel choke. The serious and seriously adorable 18-year-old making him gurgle and gag in her ass being squeezed together from the power of her reverse throatscissors as peach again proves her spell over subs owning her bitch Billie. Time: 25:02
Genres: 18 & 19 YRS OLD, BIG LEGS, domination, HUMILIATION, peach, Reality Girls Scissors, SCISSORHOLD, SUBMISSION HOLD
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