Riley – Boyfriend Convinced to try Locktober ( Beginning of FLR ) [Submissive Slave Training, foot fetish]

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Riley and Ezra have been dating for 3 months now. They just got back from a really nice dinner. Riley sits and has her feet rubbed by her boyfriend. They talk about how great everything is going with their relationship. That’s when Riley mentions Locktober. Ezra is intrigued. He is taken back and shocked by how someone could be locked up for a whole month. Riley thinks this will make their relationship more intense and passionate. Ezra agrees, maybe they should try it. The thought of not being able to cum or get hard is giving Ezra such an intimidating feeling. He goes and tries on chastity. Its not too bad. Its tight and he knows if he gets hard it will probably hurt but it seems fun. He already bows down to Riley and is more submissive in the relationship. But once he handed over the key to Riley he is now completely in her despair and put into submission for good. Riley is now in control and this relationship is 100 % female led. Riley starts to tease him. She rubs the outside of his chastity and pulls up her skirt and rubs her fat ass against it. Riley wants to really put it to the test by making Ezra get on his knees and lick her pussy til orgasm. Lets see how tight chastity is now!
Genres: ass worship, Chastity, FEMALE DOMINATION, foot fetish, PUSSY EATING, Riley, Submissive Slave Training
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