Seduce Destroy – Blaze – Queen Of The Jungle [Flexible Woman, Fantasy Wrestling]

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With the greatest calves in London, gymnast Blaze suits this leopard print bikini. She is primal. Blaze is an animalistic fighter; she grunts, growls and prowls like a wild cat, she slyly circles her prey before devouring him like she’s ravenous. Her mammalian-like gestures and sounds has her opponent alert, fearful; he knows he’s being toyed with; she whispers in his ear, she talks to him like he’s a scared little kitten, and when she flips and slams on the mats, there is no escape from her. She’s captured her prey – a strong and fit man is destroyed, in fact, those are even his last words. Destroyed. There are a lot of flips and slams, smothers, triangles and bodyscissors. The match is intense and erotic largely down to this raw and primal element Blaze brings to the mats with her.
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