THE MEAN GIRLS – 21 Kicks For Kendall Starring Goddess Rodea [princess kendall, Goddess Rodea]

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Alternate video formats available by searching title To get this clip for less money click here 21 Kicks For Kendall (1080 HD) So I went out to visit my good friend Kendall in Vegas for her birthday (of course, I made some loser SLAVE drive me the whole way and pay for the entire trip LOL) and she just HAD to see what all this slave stuff is all about. So I found some slave on collarspace, made him send a nice deposit to prove to me he was legit, and had him come to our hotel to get his balls kicked in! And Kendall even brought her girlfriend Adrianna to have some fun too! (I had never met her before.) And NEITHER of them had ever kicked a loser in the nuts before! So this was gonna be FUNAnd since it was her birthday, we made the loser spread his legs nice n wide for Kendal so she could get a nice running start and kick them as hard as she wanted for her 21st Birthday! (I gave her a nice demo first, of course LOL.) And then we all just basically went to town on this piece of crapps nuts haha. Eventually I put him down on all fours like a dawgg so he could look up at how PERFECT I am while Kendall delivers 21 kicks to his nuts from behind for her birthday! Do you think the slave can make it through all those kicks, or does Kendall break him? Youll just need to watch the clip to find out, huh? ;)I think giving a ballkicking slave to my girlfriend to abuse for her birthday is a great present! ? -Goddess Rodea
Genres: ball abuse, Ball Busting, beating, Goddess Rodea, princess kendall, THE MEAN GIRLS

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