THE MEAN GIRLS – Balls Kicked To Mush. Starring Princess Carmela and Goddess Harley [EXTREME DOMINATION, THE MEAN GIRLS]

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Alternate video formats available by search of title. To get this clip for less money click here Balls Kicked To Mush (1080 HD) Goddess Harley and I agree, The Mean Girls need a new SLAVE BODY GUARD for the Manor. but regular body guards have BALLS- and balls are weak and distract men. There are just waay to many HOT girls here for a regular slave to do his job right. We Mean Girls need a dedicated, committed, NUTLESS EUNUCH SLAVE to stay focused on its job. So we picked a random slave to be our new eunuch bitch. Of course, there are several ways of castrating a slave but none are as much fun as strapped him into our “Ballbusting Device of Deth” and kicking his ball to utter MUSH. (This thing is BRUTAL- literally ALL of the slaves at The Manor fear being locked into this thing! You might as well just say goodbye to your ballsLOL!) There is no way this loser could get out when the straps are pulled tight, his hands cuffed, legs in straps and of course a hot girl holding on to his leash at all times! We take turns demolishing his testicles with ultra-hard kicks to the slaves nuts until its balls are PULP. Sometimes he get so distressed he foolishly attempts to close his legs but we just crank the wenches some more and pull his legs back into passion as needed. Even if it takes all night to completely destroy its balls, it will be worth it. Besides this is what we do for fun anywayLOL! And just a little background on this clip- we REALLY hurt this slave. Its balls really WERE turned to total much by the end of this! And he was in like total AGONY the whole time! LOL! I just kept looking into his eyes and drinking in his suffering- as he was strapped in and helpless with his balls all vulnerable and exposed to our kicks.Princess Carmela*(VIDEO EDITING SLAVES NOTE: All the best kicks in this video are shown again in a super slo-mo instant replay so you can see the full devastating affect of the best kicks.)
Genres: ballbusting, bondage, BONDAGE DEVICE, EXTREME DOMINATION, FEMALE DOMINATION, Goddess Harley, Princess Carmela, THE MEAN GIRLS

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