THE MEAN GIRLS – Being Pampered Poolside. Starring Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela [Female Supremacy, THE MEAN GIRLS]

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Sometimes you can tell a lot about a person’s lifestyle just from their title. Take for example “Princess” vs “Slave”. This clip perfectly illustrates the difference in lifestyle between the two. The slave is naked and exposed in the hot sun struggling to keep up with the multiple demands of his Princesses who relax in the shade and are waited on hand and foot. I love how bitchy and entitled Princess Carmela and Princess Beverly are in this clip. You can tell that they are totally used to owning slaves for real! They even comment at one point how they can’t even imagine what they would do if they had to live without slaves! I’m so jealous of the slave in this clip. I wish I could wait hand and foot on these two beautiful Princesses in bikinis.
Genres: FEMALE DOMINATION, Female Supremacy, foot fetish, GODDESS WORSHIP, HUMILIATION, Princess Beverly, Princess Carmela, Submissive Slave Training, THE MEAN GIRLS

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