THE MEAN GIRLS – Bullied At School Starring Goddess Harley and Goddess Chanel [foot domination, foot worship]

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Alternate video formats available by searching title We are the school girls eating cheez-its and soda at outdoor lunch table, which is where the Hot girls sit. When the principal comes up and tries to talk to us about bullying. We laugh and ask about bulling and want a demonstration so we grab the Gardner and spit and slap him around. They eventually we start making the principal worship our feet and lick our shoes clean. We know we are hot so we can totally get away with doing anything we want- so we think its funny that the principal even dared to try to talk to us about it! Eventually we even explain this to the principal as he cowers at our feet. (“Like, we are HOT! Don’t you get it? We are SUPPOSED to bully inferior people as much as we want to put them in their place- and they will LET us because they KNOW their place is beneath hot girls like us! It is the way it is SUPPOSED to be! Like, DUH!”) Goddess Harley and Goddess Chanel
Genres: foot domination, foot licking, foot worship, Goddess Chanel, Goddess Harley, THE MEAN GIRLS

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