The Mean Girls – Burning Slaves Is FUN. Starring Princess Jeanie [spitting, burning]

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Princess Jeanie is sitting outside and decides to have a cigarette. So now that she owns slaves, she simply calls one over- and it comes crawling to her, naked & with cigarettes and lighter in hand. It amuses Princess Jeanie that these losers allow themselves to be USED like this…but they deserve to be treated like this if they are this pathetic.
Princess Jeanie then casually uses her slave as a footstool, flicks her ashes on it and ashes in it’s mouth. She even eventually callously stubs her cigarette out on it’s ass! The slave was left with a bleeeding burn mark for days afterward… (Luckily, Princess Jeanie doesn’t allow it to sit on the furniture!) And of course she mocks the slave the entire time…
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