THE MEAN GIRLS – Caning Chore Chart- Episode 5: Princess Carmela [FEMALE DOMINATION, EXTREME DOMINATION]

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Get this clip for less money in HD by clicking here Caning Chore Chart- Episode 5: Princess Carmela (1080 HD)This stupid slave has been waiting around for A MONTH to be caned by me.A CANING UNLIKE ANY OTHER is coming. Some of you might be wondering why we have a Caning Chore Chart. When Princess Beverly walks by with her slave on leash instill fear into it with the thrashing I give. Let this be a lesson to all you would-be slaves, we are real, and we really break men.This slave is beaten sooo hard that we ACTUALLY BREAK FURNITURE AND IMPLEMENTS. You won’t believe the waste we lay to its body. By the time it is quivering mass of a flesh, sobbing and broken.THIS CLIP IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU FAINT-HEARTED BETABITCHES. What you are seeing is 100%- the suffering, the marks,the destruction I cause. One thing is for sure, I set a new bar for brutality here at Mean Girl Manor.Princess Carmela

Genres: BDSM, corporal punishment, EXTREME DOMINATION, FEMALE DOMINATION, Princess Carmela, spanking, THE MEAN GIRLS

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