THE MEAN GIRLS – Cinder Block Blues. Starring Princess Carmela and Princess Beverly [Submissive Slave Training, BRAT GIRLS]

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Princess Beverly is standing behind the slave with a flogger to see how fast she can force him to move forward. As the slave begins to move forward slowly dragging the block a few inches at a time Princess Beverly flogs him from behind commanding him to move faster! The slave can’t see behind him and several times without the slaves knowledge Princess Beverly steps on the cinderblock with her boot making it impossible for the slave to drag it forward. The clueless slave pulls with all his might until his balls are about to fall off while the Mean Girls just laugh. If you are a slave at Mean Girl Manor and they ask you if you want to play a game be careful. Somehow around Mean Girl Manor all the games seem to involve abusing a slaves balls for their entertainment.
Genres: ball abuse, BRAT GIRLS, FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, Princess Beverly, Princess Carmela, Submissive Slave Training, THE MEAN GIRLS

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