THE MEAN GIRLS – Grovel in the Gravel. Starring Princess Carmela [THE MEAN GIRLS, whipping]

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Will Carmela release the slave and drag him back to the indoor facilities and the Mean Girl Desert Correctional Compound? Or will she simply laugh at his predicament and allow her sadistic tenancies to get the better of her and intentionally leave him out here to perish?? Or will she come up with something even MORE cruel and heartless?? Watch the clip to find out, slave… (Although We think that those of you that are familiar with Princess Carmela probably already know the answer to that last question! And she shows just how cruel and heartless she is at the end of this clip…!)
Genres: boot domination, boot fetish, FEMDOM, Princess Carmela, SHOE & BOOT WORSHIP, THE MEAN GIRLS, whipping

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