THE MEAN GIRLS – Improv Slapping For A Tardy Slave. Starring Princess Beverly and Superior Goddess Brooke [Princess Beverly, THE MEAN GIRLS]

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To get this clip for less money click here Improv Slapping For A Tardy Slave (1080 HD)This is a look inside a real life event here at Mean Girl Manor – a slave came ridiculously late for a shoot and now he has hell to pay. We are going to slap the sh1t out of this worm and teach him not to come late for shoots. I mean Brooke and I have places to be and things to do and we dont like waiting around for slave to film with. Its probably the biggest insult a slave has ever given us… I mean its about to get REAL in the Mean Girl Manor right now. So when he gets here we unleash our anger on him and both of us bitch slap the hell out of him. He is so frazzled he cant even remember Superior Goddess Brookes name even though they have just been introduced. We make him practice her name as we just keep slapping him over and over again harder and harder till we get our frustration out. We have dates with real men tonight and cant be held up by dimwitted slaves Princess Beverly

Genres: corporal punishment, DOUBLE DOMINATION, FEMALE DOMINATION, HAND FETISH, Princess, Princess Beverly, Superior Goddess Brooke, THE MEAN GIRLS

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