THE MEAN GIRLS – Kiss Our Young Feet. Starring Duchess Danni and Queen Quenzi [foot worship, FEMALE DOMINATION]

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After their shoes are thoroughly cleaned the slave is ordered to remove them and begin worshipping their bare feet. He kisses the top of their perfect feet and licks between their toes. The slave is told he doesn’t deserve to kiss the top of their feet so they switch to making him lick the bottoms. The slave is made to lie down on his back so Duchess Dani and Queen Quenzi can hang their feet above his face and make him lick the bottoms of their feet clean. While one of the girls is having her feet licked clean the other is using the slave as her footrest. They laugh at having transformed this much older man into nothing but their foot cleaning footrest. They make the slave thank them for even allowing him to have contact with their feet. If he wants to maintain access to their feet he’s going to have to start paying for the pedicures that keep them looking so perfect and the shoes that show them off. Duchess Dani and Queen Quenzi have a really bratty attitude in this clip as they are just starting to realize the power they have over the slaves. Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it a “7.”
Genres: 18 & 19 YRS OLD, DOUBLE DOMINATION, Duchess Danni, FEMALE DOMINATION, Female Supremacy, Femdom 2018, foot licking, foot worship, Footlicking, OLDER MEN / YOUNGER WOMEN, Queen Quenzi, THE MEAN GIRLS

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