THE MEAN GIRLS- P O V – The Shining. Starring Goddess Nina and Princess Carmela [THE MEAN GIRLS- P O V, cuckolding]

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Good Boy to the slave that got us our latex dresses. Of course youexpected to be our latex shine boy but too bad loser we got another slaveto do that job. Hes fat and disgusting but he is still better then you sohe gets rewarded with the job, and you just get to sit there and watch. Ibet it hurts your feelings to know youre not good enough to touch us, evenif you paid for the dresses. This slave even gets to polish our butts andboobs, an act you dream of doing, well too bad loser! We do what we want and youjust sit there and deal with it LOL.

Genres: ASS FETISH, ASS GRABBING, cuckolding, FEMALE DOMINATION, FEMDOM POV, fetish clothing, Goddess Nina, Princess Carmela, THE MEAN GIRLS- P O V

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