THE MEAN GIRLS – Pull Them Apart [ball abuse, PANTYHOSE]

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Alternate video formats available by searching title To get this clip for less money click here Pull Them Apart *Bonus Footage* (1080 HD) PULL THEM APART!We decided to have some fun with one of the house slaves. (We just got done shooting with another slave that couldn’t handle our ballbusting- so we decided to use this one.) We attach his one ankle to our new couch and then tie a rope to the other ankle and run it under the other side of the couch- so while one of us is kicking him, the other one can be pulling his legs apart so we can get the best “nut-shot” possible! We even have socks on him so his feet will slide and allow his legs to be pulled apart more easily for us! (Aren’t we smart Mean Girls?? lol) We also handcuff his hands behind his back- just cuz we want to. And so he is COMPLETELY helpless and exposed to us.Then we go to town on his nuts! The funniest part is that even in just our stockinged feet we apparently did some real damage to this pathetic loser’s balls! He was crawling around the Manor the next day with a huge, swollen scrotum haha! But we all decided not to let him go to the hospital this time because we needed him here to serve us. And that is more important.Apparently me n Princess Beverly are learning how to kick just as hard as all the other Mean Girls! ? The slave even goes down right on his FACE on the marble floor at the end after our last kick! Haha. -Princess Bella***NOTE FROM THE QUEEN: I filmed some extra footage the next day of the damage done to the slave’s balls LOL! It was great…all swollen up and black n blue…the footage is added to the end of the 1080HD version of this clip only!-The Queen
Genres: ball abuse, ballbusting, BDSM, PANTYHOSE, Princess Bella, Princess Beverly, queen kasey, STOCKINGS, THE MEAN GIRLS

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