THE MEAN GIRLS – Trample Torture. Starring Princess Bella, Princess Aria, Princess Carmela, Goddess Harley and Queen Kasey [THE MEAN GIRLS, Princess Carmela]

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As rough as each of the Mean Girls has been to slaves in videos individually, in the “grand finale” all the Mean Girls attempt to stand on him at the same time in their heels! Including 6-foot Amazon Goddess Harley! The slave is literally sobbing by the end and honestly lucky to have survived. And all The Mean Girls do is laugh and walk away, leaving it as a crying heap of mangled flesh on the sidewalk…like it is nothing to them.
Genres: boot domination, EXTREME DOMINATION, FEMALE DOMINATION, FEMDOM, Femdom 2018, foot domination, Goddess Harley, Princess Aria, Princess Bella, Princess Carmela, queen kasey, THE MEAN GIRLS, trampling

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