The Queendom – Smother Training With Astro Domina [ass smothering, Bound Slave]

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Astro Domina has a smother slave that she wants to enter in the Femdom Breath Play Olympics, but there is a problem. Sometimes her smother slave really sucks at being smothered! Some days the slave can last well over a minute, other days the slave is struggling and fighting after only a few seconds. Astro Domina won’t have this kind of inconsistency in her slave so she’s starting a strict smother training program! With her slave completely helpless in his sleep sack, Astro Domina plants her amazing ass on the slave’s face and starts the training! her big butt completely swallows upthe slave’s face and you can tell she’s really enjoying playing with the slave’s breath. “I love the power I have over you sitting on your face” she says. She its in all different positions, forward and reverse, full weight and non full weight, trying to both push her slave’s limits and find the best position for long smothers. “I’m not lifting my ass until we hit 1 minute” Astro Domina says when the slave starts struggling too early. When she removes her leggings and smothers the slave wearing only panties she realizes that the slave is much more calm and able to handle being smothered longer. Astro Domina keeps upping the time and eventually is smothering the slave for around 1 1/2 minutes, but she is not satisfied. She plans to get the slave to the point that he can last well over two minutes and she doesn’t care that much if the slave doesn’t survive her intense training program!Astro Domina, Face Sitting, Smother Training, Bound Slave
Genres: Asian, ass, ass smothering, Astro Domina, booty, Bound Slave, BUTT, enslaved, face sitting, FEMDOM, femme fatale, Goddess, Human Furniture, leggings, queendom, slave, SMOTHER, sydney lee, The Queendom, trapped

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