Utopias Sexy Mixed Wrestling! – Do You Think You Can Escape My Scissors. Starring Dakota Rose [head scissor, MIXED WRESTLING]

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Gorgeous Brit, Dakotarose is quite possibly the sexiest woman currently in mixed wrestling. She returns to Utopia and poses a simple question to her opponent … “Do You Think You Can Escape My Scissors?” Dakota, wearing a shear 2 piece bra and thong pantie set, is always in incredible shape, boasting 8 pack abs, with cut obliques, and beautiful, shapely 13″ biceps. It’s no wonder she’s one of the hottest mixed wrestlers on the planet! She told him at the start “I’m really going to use my legs on you,” and that’s exactly what she does. Dakota throws him down to the mat at the start and climbs on him for a dominating 12+ minute scissoring. Dakota has a grappling background as well, so when she traps him in a front triangle near the beginning, she has him begging to be released in seconds. Its pass out or tap out, but Dakotarose is just getting started and he is now putty in her legs. Dakota loves to look into the camera while she verbally demeans him. Telling us and him “I love to dominate men with my wrestling moves and strong legs!” And dominate she does, with constant jolts of full power to his trapped neck. Classic head scissors, figure 4, triangle, front scissors, body scissors and reverse scissors are all employed to overwhelm the wimpy male and then Dakotarose adds insult to injury, by standing over him in a classic double bicep victory pose. Essentially topless, you won’t want to miss Dakotarose … she’s the gorgeous, blonde, Brit-next-door who can legit kick your ass! Enjoy!
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