Wrestler Erotica – A Face Full Of Naked Hot Babe For The Wrestling Coach. Starring Goldie Blair [Mixed fighting, goldie blair]

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Steve, is a very popular wrestling coach for female wrestling. His latest pupil is the gorgeous, very busty, Goldie from England. She has traveled far to get instruction from Steve and as she arrives for her second lesson, Steve asks why she is not wearing proper wrestling attire…Goldie is dressed in sweat pants and cute little zip front sweat shirt, which she promptly unzips and pulls off, exposing her enormous bare boobs!! Steve is stunned by her vulgarity and claims he is married! He promptly tells her to get her kit back on!!! Goldie, slightly amused by Steve’s stunned face, does so! She is ready for her lesson, but his macho attitude is coming out if full swing! Steve is full of insults, claiming she hasn’t practiced and tells her to leave, the lesson is OVER! Goldie is pissed off!!! HOW DARE SOME MACHO MAN SPEAK TO HER LIKE THIS??? OK, the lesson is over and it’s time to teach Steve a real lesson! Goldie throws Steve around and applies a Rnc hold and KO him…. Goldie grabs her handbag and pulls out some purple rope and ties Steve’s wrists slightly together! She slaps Steve’s face, bringing him back to her reality! She strips her clothes off and uses her very exciting nude body as a weapon to torment him in a variety of wrestling holds! A variety of smother holds! Breast Smothers…which leave Steve gasping for air! Goldie’s gorgeous breasts are so large that she could easily send him for a nap by smothering him with her big voluptuous tits!!! She then uses her gorgeous ass to smother him… his nose right up into her crack! He’s in a caught between a rock hard ass, her pussy and the wrestling mat beneath him…unable to escape!!! STEVE CAN’T BREATH and struggles violently! He is at Goldie’s mercy and squeezes him relentlessly in brutal reverse head scissors, as she taunts him! Steve cannot speak back or defend himself!!! There is no room to breath and no room to open his mouth to scream or even beg for forgiveness! Goldie taunts him as she then turns and thrusts him into a front headscissor! She loves to look into his eyes with her gorgeous catlike eyes and a smirk as he struggles in vain to escape…She uses him as her little playtoy for her pleasure!!! Finally she has had enough, takes a hard seat upon his face with her nice firm ass and pussy and unable to breath until he goes for a night Goldie is delighted as she looks down at him in a victory pose!
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